Murphy’s View – We are off!

Big, big, big exciting news… we’re off on our journey!

Mom and I took our last jog through Cocoa Village last Tuesday morning, and then we left the marina. I will miss those morning jogs. And the land. Yeah, all that dirt. All those wonderful trees, and lovely shrubs, and handy fence posts on good ole terrafirma. But we’re all making adjustments on this journey, and accommodations for my personal needs have been arranged. Let’s see… oh, yeah, there it was… my very own special area. The AstroTurf. 

Well, we all knew it was going to happen. We just didn’t know exactly when. But I gotta tell you, when it was time to step up to the turf, so to speak, I performed admirably. It’s not so tough after all. Looks like I’m a pro. An AstroTurf Pro! Mom was so understandably proud of me. She texted my buddies’ moms to brag about my pooping prowess. Everyone cheered!! Oh, I am the baddest boating Murphy Merchberger around!

While I do miss hitting the streets on land with Mom every morning for our daily jogs, Dad is taking me out for special excursions in the dinghy to explore around the water which is pretty cool too.   And of course, I also try to do my thing when we are on land, but if not, I know I have my own special area on our floating house.

Oh, yes, this boating thing on all this water is not going to be so bad after all! 

6 thoughts on “Murphy’s View – We are off!”

  1. Virginia “Ginger” Williams

    What a beautiful adventure! Thank you for sharing your experience. I am already learning so much and you’ve only just begun. 🙏😀

    1. Ginger, I hope your parents are feeding you properly, you know, Steak and Lobster twice a week with more of that chocolate cake that your mom ate too much of. You better put her on restriction, the next time you pull into por5. Make sure both parents are wearing their masks while motoring from one port to the other. And by no means should there be any thought of your parents skinny dipping in all that salt water. Make sure they showe4 before they enter the water. Oh one more very important item, in no way shall they enter the beautiful blue ocean without waiting at least one hour after consuming any food… cramps and swimming do no5 mix. You need to take control and put in your menu requests early each morning.

      I know you are having fun so keep letting us know all about your travels, take and post more pictures.

      Enjoy, wish I was there

      Ron Keffer

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