The Family

Dave & Brenda

Dave and Brenda have always enjoyed traveling and with Brenda joining Dave in retirement the end of 2020, they were ready to explore   First completing the Great Loop in 2021 on the ‘sea” then exploring the Northeast U.S. and Canadian Maritimes in their Solitude 310GK-R 5th Wheel.

This year’s excursion will include the midwest, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and sandwiched in the middle of it, a bicycling trip to Slovenia.


Murphy, our 5 year old Chocolate Lab, joined the Merchberger household in January, 2018. After the loss of their beloved Cody (another Chocolate lab), Dave & Brenda thought it best not to add another 80 lb dog to their family, knowing of their intent to travel upon retirement. With such a quiet home, it wasn’t long before Murphy joined the family and has been an exceptional travel companion. He loved the year on the water while on the Great Loop and is enjoying the nomadic RV lifestyle.