Murphy Couchscapade #1

Well, well, well, it seems as though I’m not the only one whose life aboard the trawler is going to take some getting used to… 

Mom had a blast as I romped around with her in the winds whipping down from the frigid north during our morning walk at the marina. But as Mom, Dad, and I settled down for the night in the trawler, the wind kept blowing and slapping waves against the hull. And oh, what a racket they made too. The constant rocking motion didn’t bother me one little bit but Mom made Dad close all of the blinds in the boat so she didn’t get motion sickness watching all the boats around us bob up and down.  Dad figured that all that clashing and crashing of water in their stateroom which is up in the V of the boat would’ve kept Mom up all night long, so he set up the hide-a-bed in the TV room (they call it a “salon”). I snuggled with Mom to keep her cuddly warm and safe.  I like having a big bed in the salon. 

About 4 a.m., I grunted at Mom that I needed to go outside to potty. As Mom reached up for her sandals on the top of the couch, she realized only one was there.  Apparently, Dad had moved the couch out to open the hide-a-bed, and Mom’s sandal has slipped behind the couch. She leaned over the back of the couch to grab it and I also walked over there to see what she was doing and WHOAAA, with both of us on the same side of the bed, it flipped up and I slipped down, down, down, in the hole between the tipped-up bed and the couch! Oh, no! Mom tried to help by moving back to the other end of the bed but the bed was then squishing me in the hole.  What to do? What to do? Oh, I’m sure Mom would wake up Dad for some help? Hang on a minute, I got this. Mom doesn’t call me Mighty Murphy for nothing. Slowly I calmly began clawing, making a little headway onto the mattress. Mom used her legs to slowly lower the bed back down and WHEW, teamwork, I was back on the hide-a-bed, safe and sound. Of course, Dad, in the cabin, slept through the whole thing! Meanwhile, Mom, her two sandals, and I took a brisk walk to the potty and all was well.

All the rocking and rolling on the boat with those northerly winds at 22 mph will take some getting used to. But I guess not all weather is fair weather and that’s all part and parcel of the boating life. Good thing I’m here to help Mom get used to this new trawler lifestyle.


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  1. Holy cr#%$^p, somehow I missed the story about how the folding bed tried to eat Mr. Murphy. Glad to hear “mighty Murphy” knew how to handle the crisis 😉

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