Slo Pace – It’s Haul Out Time

Prior to departing on the Great Loop, we wanted to ensure Slo Pace had a fresh bottom (she needed it!). We successfully brought her to Cape Marina in Port Canaveral, FL for haul out and blocked in the yard for Dave to begin the work. It was about a 5 hour cruise from our house in Satellite Beach. It is so great to have someone as handy as Dave that willingly tackles the boat projects (and house projects too!). Dave had the following “to do” list of projects to complete during the haul out.

  • Clean and polish the hull.
  • Remove and replace faded accent line (we found it it use to be gold not white!)
  • Polish the boot stripe (’s not yellow anymore)
  • Remove and reapply bottom paint
  • Replace all underwater zincs
  • Add line cutters to the prop shafts
  • Replace all engine and transmission zincs
  • Rewire fresh water pump
  • Clean speed transducer


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