Our Last Week in Nova Scotia

The week started on my birthday.  Yay!  We drove over to the central west coast of Nova Scotia to visit Digby, the Scallop Capital of the World.  After settling into our campsite, we drove down the coast and took a small ferry to see the Balancing Rock on Long Island (it was only a 3 minute ferry ride).   It was a relatively short hike to reach the rock, except it had 235 steps down to it, which means 235 steps back up.  Murphy doesn’t understand pacing yourself on a hike, so he was dragging on the way back to the truck.  Poor guy.   For my birthday dinner, we enjoyed melt-in-your-mouth scallops, fresh clams and haddock.   And, a yummy Chocolate Banana Rum Ice Cream drink to celebrate my birthday. 

Our Digby campsite was on the Bay of Fundy which is known for its large tidal swings.  Dave and Murphy walked on the ocean floor during one low tide, which in Digby, is about 27 feet lower than high tide.  Pretty cool.

The next day, we visited the Kejimkujik National Park and went on two hikes.  Lucky for Murphy, the second hike had a beautiful spot along the water for stick fetching in the cool water.  We stopped by a winery/cidery on the way home and after several tastings, purchased “Crabby Granny” cider, a mix of crabapple and granny smith apples.  The winery had made it on a whim and it has been one of their best sellers.   We definitely likes it best compared to their wines and other ciders.

As we continued to explore the southwest coast of Nova Scotia, we stopped at Yarmouth.  We enjoyed following along the towns’ walking tour of its historic buildings (28 different stops..whew!).    Yarmouth has a rich fishing and shipbuilding history.  It also is home to the ferry which travels between Yarmouth and Bar Harbor, Maine.  Nearby is the Cape Forchu lighthouse, the second most photographed lighthouse (behind Peggy’s Cove pictured in the last blog).   We also drove southeast to Barrington, to visit my friend’s hometown and visited its lighthouse.   The Nova Scotia coastline is just gorgeous, everywhere you go!

During our last few days in Nova Scotia we headed north, first stopping in a small town, where we washed the truck and ate pizza.  It was actually nice to have a down day.  Our last full day was spent in Truro, home of Victoria Park.  I would love to have such a beautiful, 1,00o acre natural woodland park in my town!  It had walking, hiking, and mountain biking trails, a gorge, two waterfalls plus a more devleoped area of playground, a stage, and tennis courts.  A small parcel of land donated near the waterfalls was donated in 1887 and then subsequent donations englarged the park to what it is today.  It has a wonderful network of boardwalks and stairs to see the waterfalls.    We also found a huge dog park (at least 20 acres) for Murphy which, of course, had a muddy pond in the  middle.  It took Murphy no time at all to find it and he brought along a friend to wade with.

Thanks for following along on our summer RV travels. 

Sad to leave Nova Scotia Brenda, I’d like to stay but winter is coming Dave, and if I’m hiking, I am finding a stick Murphy.

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