Our 2022 RV Adventure Begins!

On to a new adventure!  We have sold our trawler M/V Slo Pace (see 2021 blogs for details on our epic Great Loop adventure) and are exploring more of our country (and Canada) via land.  We purchased a Ford F350 to tow a 2022 Grand Design Solitude 310GK-R.  Although Slo Pace seemed spacious to our previous sailboat, this 5th wheel seems like a mansion!  It’s the perfect size for the 3 of us.  Murphy now has his choice to sleep on the floor, couch, reclining lounger or even on our king sized bed.  He’s a happy camper and usually sleeps on all throughout the night.

Below are interior pictures of our new home on wheels.  We are continuing with the “Slo Pace” theme as retired, we are definitely in a slower pace.

Our 2022 land travels will take us up to Buffalo to join friends for the “Cycle the Erie Canal” 8 day, 400 mile cycling tour, then up through New York to Canada, exploring Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec and then the Canadian Maritimes — New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.  After Labor Day, we head down to Maine, exploring Acadia National Park, Burlington, VT and more on our way back to Florida for a November arrival.  It will be fun to compare the differences of exploring from the sea vs. land.  We hope to publish a weekly blog of our travels and appreciate you following along.

Departure Date:  June 30, 2022

Oh boy!

2022 RV Route

4 thoughts on “Our 2022 RV Adventure Begins!”

  1. Oh, boy, indeed! Looking forward to reading all about your land adventures. So excited to see all the biking trails you guys will be perusing for the next possible cycling adventure. Safe travels!!

  2. Love your new land home! You guys sure have an aggressive itinerary – wow! Have a blast and look forward to following this adventure!

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