Murphy’s View: The Importance of Safety and Security

Another wonderful week on The Loop. Dad, Mom, and me are an amazing team! Not only to do we all work together, but we all have lots of fun doing all our different jobs. Yeah, like me. I’m not just the Master of Adorable, I’m also Dad’s Chief Safety Officer, or CSO for short. 


See, onboard, things are always in motion. Like leaving or docking at a marina. When Dad is in inside at the wheel, Mom is moving around the boat doing things like taking off the lines and pulling the fenders when we’re leaving. Dangerous stuff. Dad wouldn’t know if she got hurt, so I stand watch to make sure she’s safe. When we dock, sometimes there are people waiting for mom to throw them lines. But, sometimes there are not and that’s when it’s even more important for me to be on alert because she leaps off the boat, onto the dock herself, to tie the boat off. Oh, yeah, I’m a very important part of the safety team when we’re in motion.


But it’s not just when the boat’s in motion that I’m on alert. Sometimes I just stand watch waiting for Mom or Dad to return to the boat. Just like when we lived in a dirt home, I’m always on the prowl for something amiss. Even at night when Mom and Dad are sleeping in their bed. Sure, you may think I’m sound asleep with my eyes closed… but that’s just my schtick to lull into that false sense of security. I’ll be using my far superior canine auditory or olfactory senses to keep us all safe and sound. 


Yup, that’s me, Murphy, ensuring safety and security in one adorable package. 

3 thoughts on “Murphy’s View: The Importance of Safety and Security”

  1. Sharon Kalember

    Love reading Murphys view on cruising! He’s such great crew! Glad he’s adjusting to boat life well!

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