Murphy’s Ice Cream Adventure

Oh, how I love being on this adventure. The only thing I love more is ICE CREAM! Boy, oh boy, oh boy, I do love ice cream.

And the ice cream in Beaufort, North Carolina is exceptionally tasty . Is it the sun shining in the clear blue sky? Is it the cool shade of this gorgeous tree? Or is it just being with Mom and Dad on this park bench while we partake that delectable frozen treat break? I’m not really sure, but I’m being a very good boy waiting patiently for Mom to fill my spoon with the tasty treat. Is it my favorite peanut butter flavor or is it maybe Mom’s favorite mint chocolate flavor? Sniffing, sniffing, sniffing, oh, yeah, here it comes… slurping, slurping, slurping… YUMMY! I don’t care flavor it is it is yummy, yummy, yummy!! I wait for more because Mom loves to share… but wait, uh, oh, I spy an interloper…

Brown canine trotting across that busy street. Where are his mom and dad? Jingle, jingle, jingle from the tag on his collar, well, at least he belongs to someone, but hey, now, his nose is twitching. Ice cream aroma is in the air. I know he’s sensing mom’s ice cream cup. He thinks he’s slick. He saunters over and attempts to maneuver right up to Mom and my ice cream, in front of me!  Uh, no, dude, that’s my ice cream. I authoritatively place my paw back in front of him and gently, but persuasively, use my chest to push him off point. Body blocked. Yeah, I keep my tag wagging so he knows we’re cool. He circles around looking for another opening. Keeping my ears up, you know, keep it all friendly-like, just two bros, enjoying the sunshiny day. Bro, nothing to slurp here, bro, kindly move along.  Luckily, after another swift body block,  he gets the message, just as Dad gets up to, what, stretch his legs? Dad, I got this! Me and the free roaming dude; we’ve got an understanding. He’s moving along. We’re all good now. Don’t worry, Mom, crisis averted. Now, back to that ice cream please, Mom? And my mom happily complies, even lets me lick the rest of the cup as I surreptitiously keep an eye on lonesome brown dude lurking nearby another tree. You just don’t come between me and ice cream!


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