Murphy View: Playtime!

OMG, I am loving the looping life.  At our last stop, I had this huge grassy area to run my zoomies and water to dip in to cool off.  Dallas, a German Shorthaired Pointer, would only chase the ball if it went into the water. Splash!   Off she went.  I often tried to get the ball away from her when she got on land, but she was really fast.  A couple of times she ran across the walkway to the other side of the water and leaped into the water to get the ball and then swam over to shore. I got so caught up in the excitement that this one time I ran with her over there and whoa, I had to slam the brakes on, I was not jumping off the dock into the water.  Sometimes, Dallas’s dad would throw the ball my way (away from the water) just for me into get it.  The next day I got to play with Autumn, an American red-nosed pit terrier.   She chased and chased me all around the yard, but then her elbow was hurting so she had to slow down.  Sorry Autumn!

The stop before had another grassy area, right in front of a place where Dad had eaten a hamburger earlier. It smelled so good and I chomped on lots of French fries. I got treats from the server too.  Our new home was tied up right in front of the grassy area too.  SCORE!   After dinner, a bunch of people and their dogs hung out in a Tiki bar. Not sure what a Tiki is, but I love, love, loved my friends being there. We ran, and ran, and ran around the yard, and around the buildings, and one time, I even led the pack up the stairs into the patio of the restaurant. Mom yelled at me to come back.  I thought it was funny.  The people all laughed too. Mom wasn’t laughing.  Oh, come on Mom!

The next morning after our jog, Mom was hanging out inside our boat and I was on the back deck. And then two of my friends from the night before were out there playing on the grass. I whined for Mom to help me off the boat, but she ignored me.  So I climbed up on a little step and then leaped as high as I could onto the finger pier.   I made it!   All the people watching said I was amazing to do that.  I know.  I most certainly am amazing.   Hearing all of the noise, Mom came out.  I’m not sure what she said, as I was off with my friends.   Just another fabulous feat in my new world.  I got this! 

Each day holds a new adventure.   I am loving life on the Loop.


4 thoughts on “Murphy View: Playtime!”

  1. Murphy, you are a disgrace to your ancestors ! I love you bud but you need to tippy toe in the water up to your ears and give swimming a try.

    I hope before the end of your trip, you will be enjoying the water so much, your parents will lock you up. OH ! Remember, you can’t go swimming for at least an hour after you have dined on your favorite food .

  2. So Murphy, hanging with Dallas and Autumn… I’m sensing a trend here, you sly fella you. Life on the Loop is not so bad, eh? Hahahaha. Your dad should’ve named you Casanova!

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