Murphy the Dock Conqueror


Being Murphy, the Captain’s Trusty Sidekick, requires a pretty steep learning curve. I mean there’s a lot to learn. For example, I make this whole jumping off and on the trawler to the dock look like munching a piece of kibble now, but hey, there were some hard learned skills going on there. Well look here, the boat keeps moving.  And sometimes the floating dock keeps moving. And then, like, there are these huge gaps with water between everything. I wouldn’t want to misstep and end up in the drink to splash Mom and Dad or anything. So, in this case, at first Dad was helping with a handy ramp, which was great, but you know, I really had to strategically ponder the proper placement of the ramp and whatnot to provide the guidance he so desperately needed to proceed.   So, it shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone that after a few sessions of navigating the whole floating dock to ramp to land thing, I finally worked up the nerve, um, let’s call it strength, speed, stamina, or, um, skill, yeah, skill, to just leap to over the gap to terra firma. Oh, yeah, it took me (okay, and well Mom helped) a bit of convincing Dad that I could do it, but I finally figured out the floating dock to land leap. I’m more than just the captain’s trusty sidekick, now I’m Murphy the Conqueror!

Update:  I now even jump from the floating dock right into the back of the boat if the dock is high enough.  Yep, that’s me, Murphy the Conqueror!!!!

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