Another Grand canyon & FDR’s Summer Home

This week Dave and I traveled to two beautiful state parks in Georgia.  Last year we visited the Grand Canyon of the East in New York and Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon.  This year we visited the “Little Grand Canyon” of Georgia.  Located in Providence State Park (just down the road from our campground at Florence State Park), we hiked to the bottom of the canyon floor and around the rim.  Unfortunately, the canyon was created by poor farming practices in the 1800’s.  Most of these practices ceased when the Soil Conservation Act of 1935 was enacted.  We also found a nearby brewery and stopped not one, but two days, as they had a pool table.  Dave and I haven’t played in years and our shots showed that.  I won our game on the first day and Dave won the second day.  Unfortunately, the brewery was closing so we didn’t have time to play a tie breaker game.

Our next stop provided beautiful hiking and a history lesson.  FD Roosevelt State Park is located near Warm Springs, GA where FDR built the “Little White House”.  FDR first discovered the area in search of a cure for polio and was enamored by the beauty of the area and the warm springs (88 degrees).  He contracted for the house to be built as wells as pools so he and others afflicted with polio could find some relieve in the warm, buoyant water.  His summer house offered him a respite from the rigors of his presidency and also a chance to connect with the local folks in the area.  After a strenuous trip overseas (WWII was in progress), he went to the house for rest and suffered a cerebral hemorrhage while posing for a portrait.   The museum on the grounds of the house was well done and extremely educational.  I had forgotten what a remarkable leader he was.

Dave, Murphy and I were able to get lots of hiking in while staying at the FD Roosevelt State Park, and where there is water, Murphy will be in it!  Our best hike of our trip so far was the Pine Mountain Trail to Cascade Falls.  Lots of water for Murphy to splash around in and he enjoyed swimming at the falls.

A Llama farm was our last stop before reaching Tennessee.  It was very close to Chimney Rock State Park (also near Asheville, NC).  After unhitching at the farm, we drove into Chimney Rock village and had a great meal at Burntshirt Vineyards.  The best part was the white chocolate cinnamon bread pudding.  I wish I took a picture.  Scrumptious!  We chose not to hike to the top of chimney rock.   The park charges a $17 admission per person fee.  We enjoyed the dinner with a great view of the rock instead!


We leave next week for our Slovenia and the “green gourmet bike trip”.  There won’t be a blog next week, but I will post a bit on on Facebook and Instagram (based on internet connections) as our Slovenia trip unfolds.

A big thank you in advance to Anne & Jim for taking care of Murphy while we explore Slovenia.

Excited to travel to Slovenia Brenda, Ready to bike in Slovenia Dave, and I found water Murphy!

3 thoughts on “Another Grand canyon & FDR’s Summer Home”

  1. Nice!
    I love the “water dog (nymph)” pics 😉
    Hey, was that a ham radio I saw on the table in the park? Way to go!
    You guys enjoy Slovac country!

  2. One of these days, you will have to visit THE Grand Canyon 😉!!

    Enjoy the bike trip, sounds fabulous!!

  3. Sandie Gustafson

    I am sure enjoying your adventures!! Thanks so much for your creative writing which makes for fun reading👏👏. Enjoy your trip overseas . . Love goes with you😘

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