Niagara Falls and More…

Dave and I spent this past week at a campground on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, near Niagara Falls. I was supposed to go on my annual girl’s trip, this year to Montreal, but one of my friends was unable to go, so the trip was postponed.  Dave and Murphy missed out on their bachelor week, but they probably ate better!  Being right on the Lake, Murphy enjoyed an early morning swim each morning, while I watched a beautiful sunrise.  This was Murphy’s 4th Great Lake he has swam in on this year’s trip, just one more to go!

Dave and I were blessed to see Niagara Falls the last two years, first while on the Great Loop and last year while we were in Buffalo to start the Erie Canal bike ride.  Our campground was only 20 miles from the falls, and since we had never gone on the Maid of the Mist, the boat that takes you right into the falls, we decided to take turns hanging with Murphy while we each went.  I’m so glad we went.  We both really enjoyed seeing the falls from such a unique perspective.

We also cycled most days along the Great Lakes Seaway Trail, which took us along several small towns lining the Niagara River and enjoyed a Pizza dinner at a working Farm & Bakery.

The best part of the trip was that our good friends from Florida, Tom & Barb, were traveling nearby in their RV, so they changed their plans and stayed at our campground for two days.  Tom, Dave, and I cycled up to Niagara Falls one day and to the town of Lewiston for coffee the morning of their departure.  We first meet Tom & Barb when Dave and I lived aboard Thirsty Whale (our sailboat) in Merritt Island, FL, 23+ years ago.  We have such great memories of our time living on “D Dock.”    They were joined by Salty, their dog, who Murphy enjoyed hanging out with. Tom took the picture of Salty and Murphy watching a dog walk by.  Such a great picture!

As a fun picture, this RV rolled into our campground, pulled by a Big Rig.  Their little car fits inside their RV.  My oh My!

After a storm had passed through one night, Murphy and I walked to the beach for his morning swim.  I noticed a few pieces of plastic that had washed ashore, so I started picking them up.  Soon, I had quite a collection.  Luckily I had a poop bag to put it all in.  I often hear about how much plastic is in our oceans & lakes.  This was quite an eye opener.

Off to find that fifth Great Lake for Murphy to swim in.  Till next Sunday…

Niagara Falls never gets old Brenda,  The perfect summer weather continues Dave, I’m ready for Lake Erie Murphy.

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  1. Wow. What sn experience. Daisy loves picking up the largest branch she can find and frag it all over the place
    Yea you in the rain gear. Ive been there, a little windy and wet. But really enjoyable and s non forgetful experience
    Wow the plastics. I always thought they were over emphasizing the plastics, but if you found that much, like you said, it is sn eye opener

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