Last Stop – Brunswick, GA and then back to the Sunshine State

The last stop of our trip before heading into Florida was in Brunswick, on the southern east coast of Georgia.  This stop had many great aspects.  First, our cycling friends John and Sharon from St. Pete, leave the Bahamas winter cruising grounds and head to Brunswick Landing Marina to hang out on their gorgeous catamaran during the hurricane season (they also have taken many RV trips during the summer).  We were so excited to spend time with them, enjoying a dinner together at one of our favorite restaurants discovered on the Great Loop – Indigo Shanty and also enjoyed a dinner at our campsite, with delicious pumpkin pie that Sharon made and toasting marshmallows for S’mores.   Speaking of the campground, there were lots of very friendly rabbits throughout the campground that Murphy loved to lunge at as we walked by.

Next, Dave and I rode our bikes around nearby Jekyll Island, and the next day, Dave, Murphy and I strolled around the “downtown” area of St. Simon’s Island.  The three of us took a walk out on the pier to take a picture of the lighthouse and as we were leaving the pier, we read a sign that said no dogs on the pier.  Oops!   On our last night, after saying farewell to John and Sharon, Dave, Murphy, and I headed back to Jekyll Island for Taco’s and Tequila on a deck overlooking the Atlantic to toast our wonderful 2022 RV trip.

On November 1st, we arrived at a beautiful RV park near Titusville, FL right on the intercoastal waterway, with a great view of upcoming space launches.  The campground has a large “leash free area” for Murphy and he has already made friends.   We are here until January 1st, when we put the RV in storage and head over to St. Pete to move into our townhouse, which we have rented out for the last 4 years.  We’ve been living either on our trawler or the RV for the last 2 years.  It will be weird to live in a non-moving house. 

During our 2022 RV trip, we were out exploring 125 days, driving over 10,000 miles, visiting 13 States, 5 Canadian Provinces, 3 USA National Parks, camping at 46 different locations, not including our eight overnights while cycling the Erie Canal, and discovering so much our country (and eastern Canada) has to offer. We can’t wait to go again next year.

We really appreciate you following along on our adventure.  Stay tuned for next year’s blog.  We take off in April 2023.

Very sad this trip is over Brenda,  making plans for next year Dave, and let’s go again Murphy

2 thoughts on “Last Stop – Brunswick, GA and then back to the Sunshine State”

  1. Wow, what a tour!
    Thanks for sharing the ride with us.
    Great to see you guys in Titusville, hope to hear more of the “gory trip details” 😉
    I’ll bring the beer.
    (BTW, the maple syrup was delicious over waffles.)

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